Monday, May 28, 2012

Just Right for a Memorial Day Weekend

I finished the soldier quilt today. It didn't dawn on me until yesterday that this was just the right quilt project for Memorial Day weekend. Here is the front-

And here is the back-

There was nothing on the calendar this weekend so we did a lot of puttering around the house. I also finished painting and waxing this wardrobe/dresser.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Versailles.

Here is the before-

Not that bad, but I wanted something big to work on that I didn't feel I could mess up. I use this to store my batting and quilting accessories. Nice to have a change.

This is a little card catalog I found at a yard sale a while back. The woman told me it came out of The Pentagon when it was being renovated just before 9/11. I'm not so sure she has her facts right. Based on the tape and labels on it, it looked to me like it had been used as a workshop cabinet for quite some time. Also, the date on the keyhole hardware says "PAT'D May 7, 1901". The Pentagon was built in the early 1940's. Would a Pentagon worker have kept something in use there for sixty years? Fun to wonder. Here is the before-

A few closeups-

Perfect for storing threads.

I came across this photo of Len. Notice he is hooked up to a stake in the ground. We like to spend time on our porch. Penny and Duke are pretty good about staying close by. They also listen to me if I call them. Well, actually, Penny is so old she doesn't hear me, but she doesn't stray far anymore either. Beagles are known for being stubborn and Len is no exception. I saw this stake and chain thing in Target one day and bought it on a whim thinking I was probably wasting my money. He loves it! He goes right to it when I let him out. Good boy, Len!

It was a hot and humid weekend. I finally got all my porch plants in and my husband built a stone wall around the bed in front of the porch. Here are some photos of the porch and I'll show the front bed later in the summer when/if the flowers fill in.

I painted the porch bench in the background of the photo above with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey.
 I got this garden shelf at the Elizabeth and Co. tag sale.
My mom gave me this very beat up little ladder and I painted it with a thin coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Emile.
 My herbs-

I wish you could come sit with me on my porch. All we would need is a tall glass of iced tea and something to stitch on. The furniture rocks or glides and birds would serenade us. Nothing better!


  1. And no mosquitos? I'm there!!
    You've done a great job on the furniture, and you are right--that is a perfect Memorial Day quilt!

  2. Love the colour of the dresser but liked the distressed look of the card-file. Beautiful quilt.

  3. The furniture looks much happier with a fresh coat of paint - great job.
    Your quilt looks fabulous. Congratulations on another fine finish.
    Spring has definitely sprung at your house. Len is very cute.

  4. Wonderful quilt!!! I love how you did the back!! I'm thinking of doing something similar (your idea!!!) for my granddaughter's baby quilt!

    Oh, your painting is wonderful!!! I LOVE all you furniture finds! I thing we would have a great time poking around finding treasures!!!

    Your flowers in pots are wonderful! I had to move all my pots off the porch and into the garden as we had bottle goats in the yard!! But my garden is fun!!

    Looking forward to seeing the front yard!


  5. Just waiting for an invitation to sit and stitch on a cool summer day!

  6. oh i would happily come and sit on your sweet porch and sip iced tea~!! i think i would have to bring some hexies along to stitch . . .

    the quilt is very well timed and both the front and the back look perfect for some lucky soldier~!

    i love that wardrobe/dresser and it looks great in it's new color. the card catalog has an interesting history and you've given it a whole new look. isn't it a great feeling when we find the perfect storage solution for a certain item~!? it looks like it was actually made just to keep your threads neat and tidy.

    such a fun post ~ thanks for the inspiring show and tell~!!!!~


  7. Great soldier quilt! I think the back is perfect!

    Love all the painting you've been doing. I've always wanted to try chalk paint, but could never find it locally. All your furniture looks so fresh and ready for summer. I love how a new coat of paint makes everything look so good!

    Your flowers are all so pretty. I haven't gotten any yet. *sigh* I guess I'd rather be in the quilt studio than in the yard this year. I'll get there eventually. I'd love to come visit while sitting on your pretty porch!

  8. Love all your painted projects - I finally saw the paint you are using while I was out shopping last weekend. The colors are amazing, and I really want to try it one of these days! Your soldier quilt really turned out great too.

  9. Love your soldier quilt, I have no doubt it will be most appreciated, and the back too is spectacular! Great furniture makeovers, such handy items for the sewing room! Your verandah looks very inviting, so pretty!!!!