Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pumpkin Pie...Will it be ready for Thanksgiving?

I go it back! Here is the beginning of my Jo Morton quilt. It’s her Rhubarb Crisp pattern. I think I’ll call mine Pumpkin Pie because of the cornerstones. Pumpkin pie was my first thought when I auditioned that fabric. When I shared it at the guild meeting last week I mentioned that I didn’t think I had enough of the cornerstone fabric for a lap size quilt. Jill said it looked just like the fabric Judy bought on the Lancaster trip and sure enough, it was! Judy said she already used what she needed and yesterday she gave me almost a ½ yard of it. Isn’t that nice of her! I’ll use what I need and give the rest back to her  - maybe with a little thank you fabric. ; c )

I’m sure the reason I left this little flimsy behind was because I was busy acquiring this from a fellow guild member.
It’s from Michigan c. 1880. I love the use of the striped fabric in the setting triangles and as a border around the setting squares. Some detail-

Here are my 18- 6 1/2" basket blocks ready to exchange with other members of the quilt show committee. 
We were each given this Jinny Beyer red palette fabric and each of us picked a different block pattern. Can’t wait to do the exchange later this month. Our goal is to have completed quilts for the 2013 show. It is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Quilters Unlimited.

May is always a busy month and this one looks like no exception. The calendar is too full!


  1. Oh, so good that you got your flimsy back!! Pumpkin pie is a great name for this "fall feeling" quilt.
    I can see why you were distracted. What a beauty you acquired. Lucky you!

  2. Pumpkin Pie is Perfect!!! So glad you got it back!!! The Basket quilt is stunning! What a treasure!!! The little red baskets are adorable! Can't wait to see the others from the block exchange!!

    Have a great day!

  3. So happy your got your class piece back - and fabric to finish! Sweet friends.
    Love your newest acquisition - interesting setting and fabrics.
    Enjoy your swap - it will have special meaning when you think back to your time together working on the show.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. pumpkin pie~! LOVE that name and the bit that you've shown us~!!~ i'm glad that you have gotten it back as well as finding more of the 'key' fabric. quilters are such wonderful and generous people~!

    congrats on being able to add that beautiful antique quilt to your collection. it looks like a very nice one and i think the use of the stripes in the outer border are making a great frame for that lovely collection of wonderful baskets~!!~
    and speaking of baskets, the red ones that you have made are going to make some fellow quilters very happy.
    i'm working on a set of basket quilt blocks with appliqued handles but can't show them on my blog because they are going to be a surprise gift when they're all finished. the baskets are super simple and they are done in a variety of reds and have a variety of cheddars as backgrounds . . . i'm likeing them so much i may have to make myself some next~!!~


  5. Maureen, your Pumpkin Pie is wonderfully named and whimsically sewn. I just love it! And what a beauty is the basket quilt and in such good condition, too. It takes a quilter to appreciate the efforts of another quilter.

  6. Oh, I'm in love with that Pumpkin Pie! It's awesome! And that antique quilt you got is gorgeous! I love the construction of the basket....very cool. And it's in such great condition! Yay! Can't wait to see what the other red & white blocks look like.....your's are fabulous!

  7. Pumpkin pie is yummy so far! How lucky to acquire such a beautiful antique quilt!
    You will have a fabulous red and white sampler quilt after the exchange....what great idea.

  8. That's my kind of pumpkin pie. Great fabric choices.

  9. The little jo quilt is wonderful!! And no calories! lol

    The antique is a beauty! What a variety of fabric.
    I love your r&w blocks. What a neat idea for a sampler quilt!!

  10. Maureen, I love your little flimsy. The colors pop. Your antique quilt is to die for. I think it should return to Your little red baskets are adorable. Wish I could swap with you. Hugs

  11. Pumpkin pie. I could enjoy a piece right about now. Good fall colors which are a favorite of mine.

  12. Thank goodness you got your Rhubarb Crisp back. It looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing that lovely old quilt. Very inspiring.

  13. Oh your little red baskets are so cute! your antique quilt is great, thanks for the close ups.
    Your Pumpkin Pie quilt is great and I love the warm and spicy colors.

  14. Love your Pumpkin Pie quilt the pattern looks like lots of fun and your colours look really great.
    Your antique quilt is really lovely, never have too many basket quilts!

  15. What a wonderful antique quilt, I love the fabrics that were used in the basktets, and I agree such a great use of the stripe fabric - very creative!
    Beautiful Pumpkin Pie quilt, I love the colours of Autumn. Love the Basket blocks too, it'll be interesting to see all the blocks once the swap is done!!!