Thursday, March 16, 2017

Churn Dash Exchange Finish

It's been several years ago now that Janet O. and I exchanged churn dash blocks. It has taken me 3 winters to do the hand quilting. The stitching is 2 inches apart. I wanted to add more quilting to make it 1 inch apart and then I came to my senses. I have a couple other quilt tops I want to hand quilt. It has a soft feel to it so I gave it to my oldest son. He very much prefers the hand quilted quilts. It's a texture thing. It seems appropriate that I gave him this quilt as it was made during a time when I was learning to appreciate him for what he is rather than what I wanted him to be. He is a good man - sensitive, hard working and considerate. We are lucky to have him living on our property. He is a big help.

Some detail

I'm now cutting triangles for an ocean waves quilt for my sister.


  1. Beautiful finish on the churn dash blocks, Maureen! As you know, I made my set of blocks into a baby quilt, and my youngest granddaughter still loves it--she is almost two.
    That is going to be one stunning Ocean Waves quilt. I love purple and green together and I love batiks--this is going to glow!
    Always good to see a post from you. I know you are a busy, busy woman!

  2. What a special quilt! I love that you gave it to your son and he appreciates the hand work.
    Lucky sister, it is going to be a beautiful ocean waves quilt.
    Happy spring!

  3. It is a gorgeous quilt and I too prefer hand quilted.

  4. Beautiful finish with so much nice hand quilting. I know your son will appreciate it. Your comments really touched me - sums up Motherhood for many of us.
    Looking forward to watching your progress on the ocean waves.

  5. Love the churn dash. I think that I might need to make one too. Hope you don't mind.

  6. A beautiful finish to your churn dash quilt! Such a special gift for your son. Love the fabrics/colors for your sister's Ocean Waves quilt.

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