Thursday, April 7, 2011

This and That

Check out the Youtube videos Kat posted on her blog Quilt Azubi. They show the quilt decorated home of a Dutch quilter (look for the red and white tumbling blocks) and I mean decorated. No such thing as too many quilts!

I finished the shoofly top for Japan and hope to get it basted soon. I hope I can complete this by the end of the month. I did finish the smaller donation quilts. The one on the left has already been delivered to Carolina. She will take it to the neonatal intensive care unit where she works. The other is for Japan.

The Springfield chapter of QU had our annual yard sale Tuesday morning. I took a bag of stuff to sell and brought a bag of stuff home with me! Look at all I got for just $8! The fabric on the left is probably 80’s calicos and on the right are some more recent lines. The dark blue is a half-yard of a Barbara Brackman Civil War Crossings Susquehanna. The little bundle is Cocheco Print Works from The American Textile History Museum. I had this bundle and used all of it so I was happy to find more. I love the idea of yard sales and auctions. Nothing new is purchased for it, but money is made for the guild and everyone goes home with something new to her. I know some things go from chapter to chapter and auction to auction. I once won a knitted scarf at a quilt auction, found it wasn’t right for me and donated it to my church auction!

The sun has finally decided to shine here. It is still a little chilly, but the trees are starting to bloom and the grass needs to be cut. Warm weather will soon follow. Yesterday, I started thinking about watermelon - hmmmmm. I’m looking forward to May when the farmers markets open and the fresh, local fruits and veggies debut.


  1. what a great quilt for Japan and the little ones are very cute. How lovely of you to share you talents!

  2. Thank you for directing me to Quilt Azubi. What an amazing quilt collection and such soothing music to accompany. Great show and tell Maureen.

  3. What a lovely post Maureen, love all of the wonderful quilt collection, your projects and your new bag of goodies!

    We are working hard for spring to come our way, one day it is warm and the next day is cool. Hopefully the days to come we will have sun that will bring us warmer days---I am ready.

    Carolyn :)

  4. Thanks for the link to the quilt house! Gosh, everywhere you look there are beautiful quilts! I had to back it up and look again at what I thought was a pinwheel quilt, but it was Courthouse steps turned into pinwheels! Wow!

    How nice of you to make the donation quilts! And, you got some deals!


  5. You have done wonderful work for others Maureen.
    Good shopping and have patience, spring is on the way!

  6. You indeed found some bargains. The fabric in the bottom right corner of the photo with the brown leaves and berries caught my eye. Looks like ones I'd drool over.
    I also watched the 2 videos that Kat had linked to. There are literally treasures around every corner of that house. Wonderful!