Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Want Fulfilled!!!

This past Tuesday I headed west to Manassas, Virginia. It is only about a 35 minute drive. I had heard about a new quilt shop out there – Aurora Quilts – and a shop with fabrics, yarns and needlework supplies – Old Town Needlecrafts. Aurora Quilts had a nice selection of fabrics for a very tiny shop and Old Town had a lot of quilting fabric even though knitting seems to be their main gig. 

 Church Street in Manassas Virginia. Aurora Quilts is in the building on the right.

 A church on the opposite corner.

The railroad tracks and a corner cafe.

I also visited a nice gift shop called Whimsical Galerie. Then, I headed for the antique shops. I spent quite a while in Iron Horse Antiques. I found several quilts I thought were charming…

 Double Wedding Ring

My head is spinning from looking in block books trying to find an exact match for this one.  An album block or postage stamp? What would you call it?

Love the red thread used for the hand quilting. 

 Whirligig or Flyfoot or something else? This one is a top that was both hand and machine stitched.

 I thought the barber shop cabinet to the right would be a fun place to store threads and other notions.

 another Double Wedding Ring - took some closeups of this one...


But the only thing that came home with me from Iron Horse was this kitchen scale. I thought it was cute and I could say we “needed” it for weighing fruits and vegetables when canning this summer.

My big find was at a going out of business sale. I walked in the door and in the first booth I went into found a black box on the floor. Hmmm. Grabbed the tag – feather light sewing machine. Hmmm. Dropped my purse and stooped down (ouch!), kneeled down. Opened the case, pulled out the top shelf full of attachments and a bobbin, pulled out the machine and started inspecting it. Looks like a Singer Featherweight! So I went up to the front desk and asked about their discount. She gave me a price. It was a good discount, but still a little more than I wanted to pay for something that needed service and possibly repairs. I went back to the booth and called my husband – giving him the serial number and asking him to look it up online - a 1938 221 manufactured in New Jersey. OK – it is a Featherweight – not just me wishing it so. She went down again on her price and it was sold.

I didn’t squeal until after I was in my car!

Here’s my new toy. It’s in the shop now. I can’t wait to get it back – just hope it’s not too, too expensive. 
These machines are so darn cute!

The view out the window above my kitchen sink.
Happy Easter!


  1. You lucky lady to find a Featherweight on sale! I'd love to walk into a store someday and find such a treasure. Keep us posted on how you like it after it's back from the shop.
    I haven't checked in any books, but that 2nd antique quilt certainly looks like an album block to me, with careful placement of the center fabric to create the cross/plus.
    You had quite a day.

  2. Lucky duck. I would love one of those featherweight's . Nice quilts too.

  3. What a find! Sounds like a perfect day!


  4. what a great find!!!!
    oh nice quilts too,, what a fun day that was.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Maureen, it sure looks like you had fun in Manassas! What a wonderful surprise to see so many quilts in one place. And you can't beat finding one of those delightful Featherweights! What a great find. I especially love the ones with the fancy scrolling on the metal. I've noticed not all of them have that decorative a detail. Keep us updated on how you like it!

  6. You certainly hit the jackpot! What lovely quilts to see, and then to get to bring home that wonderful featherweight! Of course, looking out your window and seeing that fabulous dogwood, well, that's the best part, to me! I'm so jealous!

  7. Congratulations on such a successful shopping trip. Sounds like you and the machine were destined to find one another. Lovely quilts and I enjoyed the street scape of Manassa.

  8. It looks like a fun day out! Lucky you on scoring the featherweight!!

    The super colorful quilt looks like an album block.

  9. Awesome! You'll love the featherweight and it's a pretty one! how exciting.
    Your blooming tree is lovely, as is the patio!
    Happy Easeter

  10. What a great day, thanks for taking us 'along'. I think the my featherweight and yours are cousins. Mine is an Egyptian Scroll, close in year. Great Fun!

  11. good for you on the featherweight~!!~ i LOVE using mine~!

    between that and the charming antique quilts in your post it looks like you had a grand day out~!
    btw: i would say that the second quilt down is an album quilt too.


  12. Looks as if you had a very successful day out shopping!!! I'm sure your Featherweight will not disappoint if it gets a good service and rewiring.
    I have one it is a 221k, 1951 and I bought it from a deceased estate. I had to get all the wiring replaced as it had some exposed wiring, a good service and oil in the right places, she's just happy to be loved again!!! Your case looks as if it has seen better days. I used a good quality glue to pat down any lifted areas and then used a good quality black boot polish applied with a cloth, then rubbed gently to a nice matt shine. It should come up really well. Also check

    I bought the book and DVD, this guy really knows his FW's and has great advice on keeping your little beauty in good order!

    Good luck and happy sewing!!!

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