Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Giveaways

#1 – 12 RJR fat quarters

#2 – "Discovery 1492" by Jinny Beyer for RJR fabrics (border fabric is over 1 yard, toile fabric is a fat quarter and 10 fat eighths)

#3 Wool and instructions for pumpkin penny rug

Leave a comment, letting me know which drawings you want to be included in, on this post by 9:00AM Monday, May 2. You can be in 1, 2 or all 3 drawings.

Featherweight Update –
The featherweight’s back and running and all I paid for was a regular service charge. Yippee!!! I know I would be curious so I want to tell you I paid $300 for it at the antique shop (originally priced $395). The woman acted like I was stealing it from her, which I didn’t quite understand. I guess I don’t know the business She initially said $325 when I asked about the discount (remember she is having a going out of business sale) and then when I was running the machine she said $300 in a huff and walked away. At the time I was thinking – I’m willing to pay $300, but should I offer her less in hopes of meeting at $300. She saved me the trouble. When I checked out she practically threw the receipt at me! Guess she was having a bad day. So all in all, I ended up paying $375 for the featherweight. I think that is a good deal around here. I see featherweights selling on a local quilters e-newsletter every once in a while and they are usually going for about $500. I’m sure condition has a lot to do with the price and mine has a few dings. That’s okay with me- I won’t be too upset if I add a few more ;o)
Last night I started stitching some crumb blocks.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Awsome deal! And very cute machine! Maybe she was upset that she was having to go out of business? Who knows?
    Oooooh, a giveaway! I'd love to win the wool penny rug!!

  2. Good deal on the featherweight. They sew like a dream! They sew such a consistent quarter inch with their foot that blocks made by different people still go together great! (just wanted to comment, no entries)


  3. Enjoy your featherweight, service truna around was fast - must be a very good condition. No entry, just wanted to stop in.

  4. How exciting to have your featherweight ready to sew! It's a beauty and I'd say you got a wonderful deal.
    I'd love to be entered on the drawing-number two would be lovely!

  5. Enjoy stitching with your new Featherweight. What an wonderful selection of giveaways and I would love to be include in #3. Happy stitching!

  6. What a find that featherweight is! I can't believe the woman was so rude! Maybe that's why her business failed! Hmmmmm.

    I'd love to be in the #1 drawing! Thanks for having such great giveaways! You're awesome!

  7. Great deal on your Featherweight! It's my dream sewing machine to have someday... And thank you for the lovely giveaway. Would you enter my name for #3 Penny Rug kit? Thank you :)))

  8. I'm glad you have your FW at home with you, you did get a good deal!!! I'm catching up with your posts as my Google reader didn't include your posts, ummmmm, weird (I am a follower?).
    I'll throw my hat into the ring and go for #2 in the giveaway, many thanks!

  9. Thanks Maureen, I like the wool, should I be lucky enough.
    Good negotiating on the featherweight. If she is going out of business she may have the worry of the world on her shoulders but she agreed to sell. I bet the machine is relieved to find that it is wanted again and very happy in it's new home!

  10. Enjoy your Featherweight. They are wonderful machines and especially great after a long wait for one.

  11. Great find on the Featherweight, Maureen! Which company did the tune did the tune up? I have one I need to have tuned.

    I am interested in Darwing #2.

  12. Love your featherweight, you got a good deal. I'd like to be in drawing #3. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Beautiful sewing machine! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity - I'd go for number 2 :)

  14. so glad the machine just needed a little tune up
    enjoy sewing on it!
    I would love to win no.2 , no 3 would be fun to make !
    thanks for a a great giveaway

  15. can't wait to see your crumb blocks as it's one of my favorite things to do and so happy for you that you are able to use your new featherweight to do them~!!~

    your give-aways are all so very generous~!~i'd love to win #3.


  16. So glad to hear your featherweight turned out to be in great shape! You certainly got a good deal on it. Will you please enter me in giveaway #3?
    Thanks so much!

  17. For the fun I'd love to win #1 or #2 :)