Monday, August 15, 2011


Thanks to all of you who have clicked my follower button. I’m having a giveaway to celebrate hitting the 50 follower mark. Since it is a giveaway to celebrate followers you must be a follower to enter. Just click that follower button and leave a comment on this post. I will pick a winner next Tuesday, the 23rd, at noon. The winner will receive a copy of Scrap Quilts The Art of Making Do by Roberta Horton. This is one of my favorite quilt books. I have a copy and found one at the library book sale. As much as I love it I don’t need two copies! Also included is 1 ½ yards of light fabrics. The LQS (local quilt shop) was having a dog days of summer sale last Saturday. I needed batting and because I’m trying to limit my fabric purchases I defined my needs before going into the shop - plaids and lights were on my list. I didn’t find any plaids I wanted, but did find some lights. I doubled my light fabric purchases – one for me and one for the giveaway!

It just dawned on me that maybe a lot of you already have this book. It was published in 1998. If that is the case, but you would like to be in the drawing for the fabric, just say so in your comment. If you win, I’ll send the fabric to you and pick another person to receive the book.

I finally hung the quilt I won from Lori of Humble Quilts. I love it! It is in my sewing room where I can be inspired by it! I used just 5 appliqué pins to hang it. That was a tip from Dawn of Collector with a Needle. Have you seen her little quilt gallery? So fun!

I’m very pleased with how my hexagon flower quilt is coming along. I have 63 flowers. Only 24 still need to be appliquéd to a background. I attached the sashing and cornerstones to the rest of the flower blocks last week. Blocks are 7" finished with 2" wide sashing.

Because my sewing room is in the basement I'm relying on artificial light. It looks much better in real life. When it's finished I'll take a photo outside.

I had a little mishap with a rotary cutter blade the other night. My blade needed changing and when I opened the package one of the blades popped out and sliced my thumb. It took a while to stop the bleeding. I am such a wimp, especially when it comes to my own blood and especially on my right thumb. Ten years ago I had 16 stitches put in on this little digit. When I got home from the emergency care center that kitchen mandolin went straight into the trash. I still can’t see one of those things without wincing. So, BE CAREFUL with any and all sharp objects!

Daughter was home for a few days and has already gone back to school in Athens, Georgia. Here are the gifts she brought us from Japan. The 2 larger boxes are candy and crackers. Little sachets were in the pink boxes. The Japanese wrap everything beautifully. Those four packets in front are rayon fabric. Not sure what I will do with them. If I ever go to Japan I will seek out a quilt shop. I must know if the fat quarters are individually wrapped. 
; c ) 


  1. I have been keeping an eye out for Roberta Horton books since you told me about them. There is one that I borrow from the library often about Amish Quilts. Still haven't seen this one so please put my name in the draw.
    Your hexagons look very pretty, I wish I could see it in real life it has such a gentle appeal.
    Careful with the blades, I too have had minor accidents with the rotary cutter and stanley knives. Ouch!

  2. First of all, I hope your thumb is doing better! What a scary thing. Thank you for offering this fun giveaway. The Roberta Horton book looks like a fun read and the fabrics would be a great addition to anyone's stash. Love how the hexagon flower quilt is coming along. You have a nice design wall to display the blocks.

  3. Lori's quilt is beautiful! I noticed the sunflower table topper beneath it. I can't wait to see your finished hexagon quilt in person.

  4. The book looks just like quilts I love!! I would be honored to be in the drawing!! Your hexie quilt is really cute!!! Like the applique and sashing. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Roberta Horton's book looks like a winner! I don't have it. And there is always room for more lights, right? Thanks for an opportunity to win such great stuff! I want to talk to your family about removing any and all sharp objects from within your reach!! : ) Take care of yourself--I want you to be able to continue to quilt and blog for some time to come. I've enjoyed "following".

  6. Love your hexie quilt. I have been a follower for a while and enjoy your blog. I would love the fabric and the book. I am low on lights in my stash. I don't have the book but would love to have it. I am going to see my granddaughter in Salt Lake City. I hope hubby lets me do a little fabric shopping on the way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Lucky you, winning Lori's wonderful quilt. It looks great in its new home.

    I'm enjoying being one of your followers. You always have something interesting to share.

    I just bought a copy of that book last week. It looks like it's going to be a great source of information and inspiration.
    Those are sweet little FQs. You're going to be passing around some quilting happiness next week.

  8. what a nice give away - I already have RH book, it's great inspiration!
    Love Lori's quilt -
    sorry to hear about your thumb - ouch!

  9. Oh I hope your cut is on the mend. What a lovely give away--I would LOVE to have a copy of that book AND those luscious fabrics. :D Thank you so much for offering them to us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed--I never win on these give aways. *sigh* :)

  10. I have a copy of the Roberta Horton book. Her and her sister are such great quilters and they write wonderful books. I hope your thumb heals quickly.

  11. RH book is wonderful! I hope your thumb heals quickly.
    hanging little quilts in our sewing room is just fun.
    I love looking at mine!
    I hope you can add another one or two to your wall soon

  12. Your hexagons are wonderful - you have completed so many! You quilt from Lori is so GREAT - what a nice piece of art.
    How fabulous your DD had a great trip and safe travels.
    I have (and love) the book, but never enough fabrics ;-)

    Take care of yourself!

  13. Hello,
    I am a new follower. congrats on over 50 followers and on winning the giveaway at Rogue quilter.

  14. Great giveaway! I already own that book, but would love to win the fabric!

  15. Lori's quilt looks great in your sewing room!! Hope your finger heals quickly. I love what you have chosen to do with your hexies.
    Thank you for the lovely can never have enough quilting books or fabric!

  16. What a beautiful quilt you have won. Take care and do't play around with anything sharp ;-). Hope, your finger will be better very soon.
    What a generous geive away - I don't have the book, but I love scrap quilts. I am of course a follower :-).

  17. Congrats, Maureen, on hitting 50 followers! Yay! And what a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! So glad you got to spend time with your daughter! And I'm very sorry about your slip with the cutter! Yikes! And I wince just thinking about mandolins, too....and I've never even used one! They just look SO dangerous! Eeek!

    Lori's quilt looks wonderful on your wall....what great inspiration! And those gorgeous hexie flowers are looking so good! Can't wait to see it all together! Yay!

    Oh, and I've forgotten to tell you.....weeks ago we had angel hair with your home canned tomato sauce.....YUM! It was wonderful! Thanks so much!