Friday, August 19, 2011

Hand Piecing

I’m having a problem with blogger. So sorry if you’ve tried to leave a comment on my Giveaway post and weren’t able to. Try it on this post and I’ll include you. Remember, you have to be a follower to enter. If that doesn’t work I’ll extend the deadline beyond Tuesday noon. Not only is it not letting people leave a comment it also isn’t updating my blog roll. : c (

The past two days I’ve been in a hand piecing class taught by Jinny Beyer. She is such a classy person. The class was held at her studio in Great Falls. This is a lovely shop. She carries so many great notions and gifts for quilters. Quilters from California, Washington, Pennsylvania and North Carolina traveled to Virginia just to take Jinny’s class! I know it was worth my one hour commute.

I should have taken a photo of my block before I pressed it. It was so puckered I thought it was a lost cause. Amazing what a good steam pressing can do! Yeah, it still has some issues and I need to add the border fabrics.

Here is a look at the back-
Jinny says she just lets the seams fall where they may! Not sure she meant to this extent! I wish I had taken a peak at the back of her block.

Here are some notions Jinny recommends-
John James GoldnGlide quilting needles were wonderful to use. I plan to try them out the next time I do some hand quilting. I’d never used this Aurofil 28 wt thread before. Jinny uses it for hand piecing and for hand quilting if she can’t find the color she wants in the YLI quilting thread. Some lucky ladies will be back to the studio tomorrow to take her hand quilting class. I can’t imagine sitting for another whole day of class. It is really hard for me to sit that long. I’m more of a do a little quilting, do a chore, maybe some reading, do a little quilting, walk the dogs, make dinner, do a little quilting kind of quilter!

After I did my homework last night I made my own templates for a spool quilt. This will be my next carry around project (the hexie flowers were it for 10 years – I know – I don’t do a lot of quilting on the go) so I don’t have any expectations of getting it done soon. I don’t even know how big I will make it. The blocks will be 4 ½” finished. Many of these fabrics are Windham Fabrics Farmhouse West 1890-1940 by LB Krueger. This makes the 4th quilt I’ve selected fabrics for, but haven’t started cutting – not yet! Yikes! I’ve wanted to try a spool block ever since I started seeing Klosjes (Dutch for spool) in blogland. I think many bloggers are using a stamp and ink. I didn’t want to go that route. I settled on the color scheme after browsing through Dixie Doodles blog.

I won a giveaway from Janet of Rogue Quilter. Thanks, Janet! I won a wonderful Lori Smith pattern and Comfort by Howard Marcus for Moda charm pack. I think I will use my charm pack to make a tote bag for myself.

Have a great weekend – hope you find some time to stitch!


  1. I m so jealous, I would have loved to do that workshop too. It is wonderful to get some guidance and tips from the experts. Our imaginations work faster than our hands don't they? O for a few extra hours a day and not to have to give up sleep. My blogger is misbehaving and not updating my favourite blogs.

  2. I haven't had any issues with blogger yet....keeping my fingers crossed on this comment! Boy, I'll bet that was a really great class with Jinny.....her work is just beautiful, and I bet she knows ALL the tricks! I think your back looks great......when I do hand piecing, I tend to switch every other seam so the intersection fall down flat.....but I usually have to MAKE them do that! It means pressing from the back, and then again on the front.....but I like the flatness of the seams that way. It's a little extra work, but you might try it to see if you like the result.

    I love the fabrics that you've pulled for the spool quilt! It's going to be beautiful! Yay for hand piecing!

  3. How wonderful to have the opportunity to take a class with Jinny! I'm sure with practice you will get happier with your blocks!!! Please do put my name in for the giveaway! I think blogger has been up to it's old tricks again lately!

  4. What a wonderful class for you to take and I just love Jinny Beyer's books (I have most of them). I find hand piecing so therapeutic and it makes a wonderful take about project. Take care.

  5. Maureen, your block is beautiful. Very nice job. Hugs

  6. Lucky girl, taking a hand oiecing class, and from Jinny!
    I have her hand piecing book and I think it is marvlous. Great Farmhouse assortment - that will be a pretty quilt.
    Congratulations on your win.

  7. What fun; I love to hand piece!

  8. Oh No! anything but hand piecing for me, lol.
    Your block looks lovey!
    How nice to take a class from one of the masters of our time.

  9. Only a few days ago I discovered your blog! "Pursuit of quilts"...fantastic title, I said.
    So I clicked on it and there I found a lot of ispiration!!!
    Here in my town the quilt isn't known very much, so I have to find ispiration on the bloggers' websites.
    I have two books by HORTON, but I don't know the one you put in your giveaway.
    I love scrap-quilts very much and I consider them like a little challenge! Anyway, I put the title of that book on my book-list!
    Greetings from Italy and I am looking forward to your new posts!!!

  10. What a lovely block! You are lucky to take a class from such a pro.

    I love the fabric you have chosen for your spools.