Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Winner and a Spool Block

I decided to go ahead and pick a winner. Blogger still seems to have some problems, but I don’t want this to drag on forever. Who knows when it will be fixed! So…I put each name on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl and picked one. The winner is Anne-Mette. Check out her blog – she seems to like food as much as handcrafts (me, too!).

Congratulations, Anne-Mettes! Send me your snail mail address and I’ll get your winnings sent off right away.

I completed a spool block and was happy it is fairly flat and square. This will be a good project to hand piece at guild meetings and I won’t forget what I learned from Jinny. As I was stitching, it dawned on me that I had some yardage that might work as a back. The spool block is sitting on 4 yards of -YIKES – briefly interrupted by an earthquake!!!!! Scary!!! TV is saying it was a shallow 5.8 also felt in New York and Ohio but centered in rural Virginia between Richmond and Charlottesville. Okay, what was I saying – oh, yeah – the backing fabric is Windham Fabrics A Little Bird Told Me 1840-1880 by Maren Scott. I bought this a few years ago because I loved it and 4 yards should be plenty for this spool quilt. I might use this dot fabric – Garibaldi by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics - for the binding. Shopping in my stash! Love it!

Last Sunday my husband and I made tomato sauce out of 45 lbs of tomatoes from the farmers market. We use the recipe from the Ball Blue Book of preserving.

We’ve learned to cook it on all burners to speed the process; otherwise, it becomes an all day (8am-10pm) project. Dave puts the tomatoes through the food mill and I do the canning.

This year it only took us about 8 hours and we got 7 quarts of sauce. It is SO GOOD! The flavor is so intense.

This morning I pin basted my triangle quilt. I can imagine the quake would have been much scarier  if I had been on the floor at the time instead of a chair.

Len was a good beagle during his first quilt basting.

That’s it for now – have to check out the news about the quake.


  1. I love your triangle quilt. Hope all is well with you after the quake this afternoon.

  2. The spool block is one of my favorites, and I love those fabrics you have there! :) Can you believe that I live in Mooresburg, TN (northeast TN) and the dishes were jitterbugging in my kitchen cabinets, even here. Your furbaby is just precious.

  3. I was playing Scrabble with my Mom when word of the earthquake came over the radio. Glad you are okay there.
    I, too, love your triangle quilt!

  4. That triangle quilt is just fabulous. i love it. Do pass on the recipe for the tomato sauce. I usually skip over recipes in blogs but if you are prepared to put that much time and tomato into a recipe it must be very good. Len seems to be most content!

  5. That is some gorgeous fabric for the back of the spools....love it! And your triangles look so good, can't wait to see it finished! So glad you found a speedier way of making the sauce....all day can really take it's toll! Sweet pup, and behaved for the basting! yay!

  6. Congrats to Anne-Mette! She's an amazing needle worker and cook.
    Glad you were doing quilty things during the quake and all is well.
    Great triangle quilt and love your new start!

  7. I hardly could believe my eyes, when I saw Maureen's mail this morning. And then this quake, glad that you are well.
    The fabric you have chosen for the back and the bindings are both GREAT! I am sure, they will be perfect for a quilt with spools - I think, I will have to start such one soon, too.
    I have never tried to make tomato sauce, yet. But I really would like to give it a try after reading your post.
    And your little doggt is soooo cute.
    Ups, I almost forgot the triangle quilt, which is so bright and colourful - makes me happy to look at.

  8. My goodness! your triangle quilt looks sensational!!! Love the spool block too, with your choice of fabrics this will be just a lovely quilt! Bravo to you making all that tomato sauce!!!

  9. Love your spool block. Nice job.

    The tomato sauce looks delicious.

    Love all the colors in your triangle quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.


  10. nice quilt - and what a good pup Len is.
    That sauce looks delish! I bet you kitchen smelled good for days. How fun to make your own sauce.

  11. You felt that, did you?!? Supposedly it could be felt here (near Detroit), but I didn't feel anything. Your spool block is nicely done...I have some of that same WIndham fabric in my stash...isn't shopping the stash the greatest? You better store that beautiful sauce somewhere where the next earthquake won't bother it...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  12. Tomato sauce looks scrumptious! Love your quilt projects too...