Friday, August 5, 2011

Commercial Break

Last week Mary Jenkins announced on her blog Little Welsh Quilts and other Traditions the release of her new ebook Little Welsh Quilts. I ordered it from Rainbow Disks and was surprised to find it in the mail Wednesday afternoon. That was fast! I enjoyed skimming through it last night. This is my first ebook. It is on a CD and what is really neat is there are videos on it – Mary demonstrating her handwork. I love her little quilts made in the Welsh tradition. I think what strikes me most about these quilts is the lovely and unique hand quilting. A little Welsh quilt is going on my to do list! Mary has an organic way of quilting. She reminds me of a quilting friend who rarely purchases fabric from a shop. I showed you a quilt of Jenny’s here and here is another. 

Jenny purchased the top on ebay, repaired it, added the border and quilted it.

Clarification - it's Mary's philosophy of quilting, not the style, that reminds me of Jenny.

Jenny likes quilting spirals (very Welsh according to Mary). Maybe if you click on the photo above you can see better the overall quilting pattern.

I finished the backing for the half square triangle quilt. Now I just need to find the right time to baste the layers together. I baste quilts in my dining room. I have hardwood floors and the table is conveniently on rollers so it is easily moved out of the way. I’m thinking I need to do it one morning when my son takes Duke (the goldendoodle) and Len (the beagle) to the dog park. Duke knows how to behave when I baste a quilt, but I’m not so sure about Len. I’d rather test him out on a smaller quilt!

I’ve also been stitching my hexies. I was using my Roxanne thimble. It doesn’t fit me as well in the summer because my fingers swell a little. After a lot of fumbling I remembered the thimble made of goat leather I purchased at the QU show in June. Dawn of Collector with a Needle recommended Elaine’s Thimbles. It feels very comfortable. Thanks, Dawn!
Okay, I know I shouldn’t let him do this. This chair was a yard sale find. It was originally covered with a plastic fabric – I think it was a vanity chair. I should have taken a photo of the whole chair - it has a pretty heart shaped back. My husband thought I was crazy when I spent more than he thought I should recovering it. I thought it was worth it, so why do I let this rascal even near it?

My daughter returns from Japan Sunday evening. Can’t wait!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing your own creation of a little Welsh quilt!
    Love the chair you redid--apparently someone else does, too! : )

  2. That is the cutest picture EVER of your sweet furbaby under your chair!! :) Just adorable---and I would LOVE to see the rest of the chair. It was worth every penny to recover it. :) Thanks for the link to the goat leather thimbles. I'm going to order a couple. :D

  3. Aw, fun post!
    Love the Welsh quilts. I have her other book as well as Jen Jones and am inspired by the hand work! Good news on the ebook - I'll need that one too ;0...
    So glad you have the thimble - I used mine all week...actually getting some little things done.
    Have a fabulous week next week w DD!

  4. Thankyou for the link for the Welsh quilts ebook! I have a book on Welsh quilts in my library, I am in awe of their quilting history, and designs! this could be a nice addition!
    You let the rascal sleep under the chair because he is adorable and wonderful LOL!!!! I mean how could you deny a face like that LOL!!!!!!

  5. What a sheepishly sly little look your pup has from under that chair.....hard to tell him 'move it' when he looks so darned cute!

    Jenny's quilt is gorgeous....and her hand quilting of the circles is wonderful! So glad to hear a rave review of Mary's ebook....will need to get it now! Thanks, Maureen!

  6. I like quilting spirals too - they are fun and there isn't an ending till your done. Love the chair - and hexies too

  7. Thank you Maureen for helping to spread the word about Mary's ebook Little Welsh Quilts. I am so glad you received your copy quickly - I am never sure how long they take to arrive overseas. If anyone feels so inclined, reviews on Amazon or on our website are very helpful and much appreciated! Love the puppy pix - I have working cocker spaniels who are loads of fun!
    Vivienne, Rainbow Disks

  8. I love quilted spirals, they look so good in blue thread too.
    I would have grabbed that chair, it's very retro looking. I had a look back at your HST quilt, what a beauty, I love it.