Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hand Quilting Goof

Started quilting my morningstars

and found this-

Yes, I could feel something wasn't right and foolishly kept going. Once I got a good look at it I knew I couldn't continue. Thought about it and decided I had just done things in the wrong order and I needed to baste more.

Did this and I don’t have any puckering in the back. So far, so good.

Now I’m taking out the part that was puckered - painful! – while watching the Masters. 

I don’t do it often, but I like watching baseball and golf. Does that tell you something about my personality?!?

Happy Easter!


  1. Hmmm, I prefer to watch basketball and soccer--what does that say about me? DH loves to watch golf, baseball, basketball and football, but he does not like to watch soccer. Luckily my adult sons can enjoy it with me.
    Oh, it is so hard to go back and take out that hand stitching! I'm proud of you. : )

  2. What a pain to find that puckering, you'll be pleased with yourself once it's all done and you went back and fixed it! Your hand quilting is beautiful!!!

  3. So sorry you had to take out quilting stitches - Ouch! But you'll be happier in the long run, I'm sure. Your quilt is beautiful!

    I like to watch baseball and soccer, but only sometimes. I get bored if it goes on too long. I can't sit through a whole game usually. Must be the ADD. DH gave up on taking me to the ball game a long time ago!

  4. love seeing your beautiful stitches but am sorry that some of them had to come out.

    hhmmm . . . maybe those two sports are really good for being able to stitch through without missing any action . . . ?
    i think my favorite sport is stitching.


  5. Your quilt is really pretty! I never watch sports on TV...
    I think libbyQ has it right - stitching is my sport too ;-)

  6. Ooopps!!

    Glad you are able to fix it!
    Beautiful stitching, Maureen. :)

    I can't wait for the Olympic Games to start on TV. That is about the only sport I watch on TV (except when we have the Australian Open Tennis in January) I plan lots of hand quilting hours! :)

  7. oh its so fun to see your quilting and the fabrics up close
    glad you were able to fix it , looks wonderful , keep going!

  8. Wow that is so beautiful, the quilt, I mean! Well worth fixing the whoops even though it sucks to take out those nice stitches!
    I can totally see watching pensive type sports like baseball or golf would be perfect while stitching. I have been catching up on episodes of Deadwood all week and that has not been very perfect. Nor is it helping my vocabulary.

  9. The quilting is beautiful, Maureen.....and I'm so sorry you had to take some out. So glad you caught it early on though.

    And yeah.....I love to watch golf, too! But I could never go to a tournament....too boring to just sit and watch it there.

  10. Beautiful stitching lovely quilt and very nice blog

  11. A good thing that you were able to remedy that little problem. A good quilter always gets herself out of these little binds. Well done. Your quilt is looking very nice.

  12. Your quilting stitch is so even and pretty.
    My husband watched every minute of The Masters. I watched bits and pieces even though I am not a golfer.

  13. You are a good woman! I might be tempted to continue and hope, lol.
    I like watching golf too, even with my eyes closed.
    Lovely stitching, isn't starting a hand project great?

  14. Not sure how I missed this post - but love the quilting - never mind the goof!! It will be lovely when finished!!