Friday, April 13, 2012

Quilt Hunting

After my massage this morning, I headed out to Manassas to Iron Horse Antiques.

I saw this quilt here last year! No wonder it hasn't gone anywhere - it's buried!

Love the sled under this quilt.

Love the stripes and dots.

The quilts on the left were supposed to go home with me. They were from the same booth so the gal at the counter was calling "Betty" to see what her best price was. I had some other shopping to do and never heard from them. The prices weren't so bad, but by then I wasn't sure I had to have them so I didn't go back.

Kinda sad to see a quilt like this cut up and made into pillows. Makes you wonder if the quilt was really in such bad condition.

 This was an interesting box. I couldn't figure out how to open it.

This little bitty did come home with me. The pink gingham is so sweet. Just three of the corners are rounded.

I also bought these 1970's juice glasses.  I couldn't get a photo where they showed up well. One is Speedy Gonzales and the other is Pebbles from the Flintstones (Fred and Wilma are on the other side). I think these originally sold with jelly in them.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! what fun...I usually don't see that many quilts in one place at an antique shop up here. Lucky you! The pillow with the star/whirly-gig thingys coming out of it is intriguing.
    Thanks for sharing your post-massage jaunt. :)

  2. Were these quilts all in one store? Wow! So many wonderful quilts.
    I had to smile at the things you bought--love the little quilt--so fun. I would have bought that, too. But the glasses made me laugh. I don't remember ever seeing those. Where was I? Speedy Gonzales and Pebbles. Gotta love 'em!!

  3. What a treasure trove of quilts!!! I admire your ability to not buy too much!! The little pink is sure a cutie!! I agree about the pillows. I have old quilts that are definitely cutters, but I still have them out and about!!


  4. I'd love to have come shopping with you in that very interesting little shop full of treasures LOL!!! Your little purchase is just so sweet!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your antiquing jaunt with us. What great quilts you found! And I love the doll quilt you brought home. Very sweet. Cute glasses! They may show up better if you pour some milk in them! Oh, and cookies too, of course. Hee hee!

    Oh, and that box you couldn't open? It looks just like one that Ann Hermes has on her blog: She explains how to open it too!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day and you came home with two treasures!

  7. You spotted some lovely old quilts. Like your purchases.

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures! These days, I can get more inspiration from a halfway decent antique mall than most quilt shops. And my husband is usually much more willing to go look at antiques.

  9. Whata nice antique store. Some are filled with junk!! Love your wee little quilt.

  10. lots of great quilt choices and i LOVE that old sled~!!~

    your new little cutie is wonderfully photographed on that picket fence~!!~


  11. How wonderful to go quilt shopping. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of all those wonderful quilts. I want to go shopping Hugs

  12. oh you made me want to go right out antiquing -thanks for taking me with you. I live the little pink one you took home

  13. FUN!! I want to go shopping with you. So much fun. The doll quilt is a great find.
    The star with triple line quilting looks awfully tempting...
    Thank you so much for sharing the outing.

  14. So many quilts. I don't find many antique quilts in the shops like I used to. I think people must sell them on E-Bay.