Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Middle of the Week Outing

Yesterday I had a date with my sister up in Westminster Maryland. As I was traveling on Rt. 27 I saw a sign for Historic Main Street in Mount Airy. I had plenty of time before meeting her. I already intended to hit the Westminster Antique Mall so I took the turn onto Main Street and found a nice little town. I’d forgotten they had a quilt store, Patches, and luckily it was right there on Main Street. I stopped in and found a very well stocked, full service quilt shop. I didn’t make any purchases, but I expect to go back some day. The Westminster Antique Mall was full of all kinds of things. These were the only quilts I found.

The stitching on the pink rose quilt was very nice. 

This was my favorite booth. It took me back to a 1950's kitchen and ladies bedroom. I considered buying the wooden drying rack (right center with the vintage dogwood fabric hanging on it). I thought it would be nice to hang little quilts on. Is hanging quilts on a wooden dowel really a problem? Would you do it?

At 4:00 I met my sister at the hospital where she works. Our first destination was Elizabeth and Co.’s tag sale. We got there about 15 minutes after they opened and there was already a crowd. They said people had been waiting since 2:30 for the doors to open. These gals sell painted vintage furniture and other decorative items. Here are some photos. Click on the link to their blog for better ones.

These items came home with me – a red quilt rack, a distressed light green shelf, a pale yellow desk organizer, a cornflower blue vase and a little off white divided tray. Their prices made it hard to resist. My sister also made some purchases and luckily we got everything in her minivan. She took me on a little tour of Westminster and we stopped at Eclecticity (Art*Books*Music..and more) where I bought this previously owned book.

After checking out all the good reviews on Amazon, I'm looking forward to reading it. Apparently it won an award when it was published in 1977. I think this might be the first paperback edition. It is mostly text. This is my favorite quilt photo in the book.

After our tour we had dinner at Rafael’s. We both had yummy Portobello pannini’s and homemade potato chips.

We went back to the hospital, moved my treasures to my car and I followed her to her house in Eldersburg. I wanted to see her new kitchen. It’s lovely and her new vintage coffee table looks good in the adjoining family room. I wish I’d taken a photo.

It was a fun day and now I feel the urge to paint. After some quilting, of course!


  1. Love your purchases! What a fun day!
    (BTW, I might put a finish on the dowel before putting quilts on it.)

  2. What a treasure of a day!!! I love the kind of places you went!! Wish I could have been along!!

    Have a great week!!

  3. What a great day - with great purchases.
    Always good to throw a book in the mix too.
    I think you have some fabulous shops in the area.

  4. A good day spent with your sister. Great little purchases too.

  5. What a wonderful day out with your sister! I love your new treasures! Great photos in this post, just loved them!!!!

  6. What a fun day you had - love all your new purchases. I agree that the red and white quilt in the book is great - are you going to reproduce it?

  7. Wow, thanks for the eye candy! Love those quilts, and the tag sale looks like they had some real goodies. You got some beautiful pieces!

    I might put some varnish or something on the dowel before hanging quilts on it. The unfinished wood could react and change the color. You could also just put a piece of muslin between the dowel and the quilt!

    What are you going to paint?

  8. what a wonderful outing! That looks like a wonderful antique shop. I love your treasures. sounds like you might be painting, so looking forward to seeing what happens.