Monday, June 4, 2012

A Quilt Show

The 39th Annual Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show for 2012 was this past weekend. They never disappoint. I took lots of photos so I'm going to split it up into more than one post. Sorry for the poor photo quality. I took some with and some without flash and I didn't get a good photo of some beautiful quilts despite all the photos I took. Here are some of my favorites-

appliqued by Nancy Karpowicz, machine quilted by Kathy Gray, pattern by Corliss Searcey

 Cheryl Kotecki and Dorry Emmer and other round robin members

 made by Diane Kirkhart, she's an award winning hand quilter, pattern by Carol Sherer

 members of the Fairfax chapter
Lisa Ellis taught her techniques and in return she asks that participants donate at least one quilt to AAQI
 Lisa Ellis
Trudi Sommerfield

Debbie Taylor
This was made for a challenge - incorporating a vintage block into a new quilt.
 vintage block
new blocks are batik!

From the same challenge-
hand pieced and hand quilted by Lura Alsalam

 Always love the dawgs-
 made by Barbara Pinocci, based on a pattern by Darcy Ashton

pieced by Betty Bottjer, quilted by Marlyn Leebove, pattern by D. Smith and S. Maxwell

pieced by Lynn Munch, machine quilted by Lori Kepley

Julia Renken
I love the simplicity of this quilt. In her statement Julia noted that when her husband saw this quilt he said "Now that is what I call a quilt!"

pieced by Glenda Shriver - all 11,520 pieces! 9-patches are 1 1/2" finished!
machine quilted by Judy Hendrickson
pattern by Susan H. Garman

 Gigi Corbin already finished her Building Houses from Scrap challenge quilt

made by Joan Peake, pattern by Lori Smith

I've been piecing the back to my 30's hexagon quilt. I've known for a while how I want to machine quilt it so I just need to baste it and get it in the machine. I hope it turns out the way I plan.

My DH and I hit a couple yard and estate sales this past Saturday morning. Here are some of my new treasures. An old wooden ironing board to put my "stuff" on. I saw one at the quilt show going for 8 times as much as I paid and that is what the tag said - "great to put your stuff on". In the tin below are silk threads, safety pins, betweens and 5 thimbles. One says "Tuttle's Family Elixir Kills Pain". I get so excited when I find things like this. I guess I'm easy to please and a cheap date. It was our 28th wedding anniversary. We did go out to dinner, too!


  1. Maureen, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will come back several times and look again! What wonderful quilts!! Love your treasures!! I know for sure our husbands would not want us shopping together!!! WE LOVE the same things!!! LOL

    Looking forward to the next installment!!


  2. Lovely quilts. I have the same ironing board in my craft room but I use it for ironing. Love the tin of assortments.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.

    Goodness, there are some stunning quilts there! I can't pick a favourite. Thank you for sharing.

    Love your tin of treasures.

  4. Happy Anniversary! We hit number 34 in two weeks.
    Wow--there were some very fascinating quilts in that show. Some techniques I've never seen before.
    Love your quilt backing--and your ironing board!

  5. I love seeing pictures from quilts shows around the country thanks!!!! I love the backing for your quilt
    what fun! OMG I have wanted a wooden ironing board, just love the look of them!
    lucky you and happy anny!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the quilt pix. I have an ironing board that looks like yours, mine is smaller than the standard size, and I love it. I got it for a bargain too! I keep it set up all the time and I do my ironing on it for quilting and occasionally press shirts too.

  7. Such a great variety of quilts to see. Love the ironing board! Happy anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary! That's our favorite line here, too...."Yep, I'm a cheap date!" Ha! Doesn't take much to please me! Love the quilt show pics, and you found some real treasures while out thrifting! yay!

  9. Happy Anniversary.
    Looks like a fun outing - with some treasured finds.
    Thank you for sharing the quilt pictures - very nice!!

  10. Great finds Maureen.
    Thanks for showing such a good variety of quilts.
    I do aspire to making some of those wonderful appliquéd quilts. I think at this stage one block would be an achievement.

  11. Sorry, I forgot - Happy Anniversary to you both.

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! Thankyou for sharing such a wonderful array of quilts!!!!

  13. i must be more behind than i even thought~!!
    can't believe i missed this great eye candy of a post. i think my favorite is the very first one. love the block with the bird and nest as well as the border. it would take me a lifetime to complete that quilt~!!~

    it looks as though you had a great time and i love your wooden ironing board. i happen to have a top to one but no legs/bottom parts. not sure what i'll ever do with it . . .

    happy anniversary to you and your dh~!~28 years is worth celebrating in whatever way you wish and i'm glad to hear it was fun.


  14. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful quilts!