Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day in the USA

My daughter took us to Artomatic last night. It is billed as D.C.'s biggest creative event. "1,300 artists and performers take over an 11-story building and turn it into D.C.'s biggest creative event". Well, actually it was across the Potomac River in Crystal City Virginia, but close enough. I wasn't crazy about a lot of the art displayed. I was actually feeling downright old and out of it. This piece, however, really caught my eye. It is by Jonathan Woods and we spent quite a while looking at all the labels he used to make this image of the flag of the United States. Most, if not all, of the labels were from aluminum cans.

 Cool how he got the ripple effect by using darker reds and lights.

Some labels were already divided into red and white like the "Old Milwaukee" label above and the "Budweiser" label below.

The aluminum can tops (and it looks like one bottom there in the top right of the photo) represent the stars.

 This one is made from credit cards. Click on it to enlarge. Then hit escape to come back.

I wonder where he collects his materials and how long it takes to get enough of what he needs.

I like this.


  1. Wow. Very creative, but I am trying to process how I feel about the flag being made from pop and beer cans or credit cards. I am not fond of any of those things. I guess I'll stick to the fabric kind. I am kind of a stick-in-the-mud, I know. : )

  2. Were there any fiber artists or quilters among the group there? Sounds like it could have been a really amazing compilation of different mediums. I usually don't bother much with the 'modern' side of art, but sometimes it's really interesting what they've done, or how they make it.

  3. Very interesting! I guess we each have our own genre'!!

  4. Just goes to show you what can be done with what is regarded as wastage and it is refreshing to see a label that says you can share. So often now at such events photographs are not permitted. I liked what you showed Maureen, there is roomfor all of to show off what we can do.

  5. Very creative. Nice you got to share viewing the exhibit with loved ones. I'm guessing some nice discussions!
    Thanks for sharing - I needed an 'art boost' today ;-)

  6. Some people are just so creative! Thankyou for sharing these photos! It must have been a very interesting exhibition!!!!

  7. very cool use of unexpected materials i think~!
    i thought about charging the flag piece made of credit cards to my card but it exceeded my limit~!!~ LOL

    this would be a fun show to get see. thanks for sharing with us.


  8. Love the art pieces! I always look for these at our state fair every year. The sign you posted at the end is fabulous and I totally agree with it!

  9. Wow, some incredible pieces there! I wonder if he used recycled stuff to make the art? And I too love the sign. Yes, art is much better when it's shared. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Now that is awesome and isn't it so similar to what we do with quilts? As far as the contrasting colors to create it!

  11. very cool! I love that photo taking is encouraged!