Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Red and White Challenge

The quilt show committee had our wrap up meeting last night. Lots of talk about what went well and want didn't. We also received our exchange blocks and a challenge - have a finished quilt by the end of February 2013 for exhibit in our 2013 show in June. Oh, boy! I don't like working under a deadline. I like making my own deadlines that are purposely loose! I have to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure they want the completed quilts no bigger than 40" x 40". The blocks will be 6" when finished. I'm thinking of just adding small half square triangles, flying geese and 4 patches for sashing. Any suggestions? I think maybe someone dropped out because I received two of my basket blocks back. I know a lot of the gals have purchased more of the red Jinny Beyer palette fabric so I think I'm going to just use what I have left over and add other reds. We'll see - I don't have an abundance of reds in my stash. I also want to add a dash of gold here and there so the gold in the cardinal's beak and the chrysanthemum's center don't seem so lonely.

Looks more like red and yellow. Is it the lighting in my sewing room or what? We gave my daughter a new camera for her graduation so she gave me her old one. It's a DSLR and I'm planning to take an online class to learn how to use it. I read good reviews about Shoot FLY Shoot. Do you know of any good online photography classes or resources?

Here's what's in my machine-

I firmly believe in having the right tools for the job. If my stitches look good, it's because of the Bernina Stitch Regulator.

This has been a very long term project. I know I started it in the 90's. It very well could be 15 years old. It's good to see the finish in sight.

My youngest son graduates from high school this Friday so my daughter is up from Georgia for the week. I put her and her art degree to work-

She's doing an internship at a graphic design firm in Athens this summer. Then she and some high school friends plan to go to New Zealand for a few months with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Ah, to be young again!


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about having deadlines imposed upon me--not how I operate. It may sound like a long way off, but there are so many other things I would choose to do with that time!
    Good luck with that. : )
    Your daughter sounds like mine--while finishing her degree in "American Studies" she actually did her last semester of school in Austria and traveled several countries in Europe on long weekends. Yes--to be young again.

  2. Your stitches look wonderful "Maureen" I have the same machine as you and have never learned how to use the regulator :(---- I wish we lived closer then you could show me how to! Your quilt is going to be great!

    Wonderful news about your children!

    :) Carolyn

  3. I look forward to seeing what you do with your red/white blocks!!!
    Love your 30's project, even if it is 15 years old!!! I have the Bernina 440 with the stitch regulator and I love it, it makes me a better free motion quilter than I really am LOL!!!!
    Your daughter will love New Zealand, (I was born there!), and working on the land she will get to know the country very well, what part will she be going to, or will she be doing a lot of travelling all over?

  4. i think that i like those little red and white basket blocks the very best~!
    it sounds like the quilt will be finishing up on the smaller side so maybe you'll make the goal quite easily. i'm looking forward to seeing it come along.

    congrats to both your son and your daughter~!
    it sounds like she's as energetic as my daughter. where do they get all of that energy anyway~!?

    your machine quilting really does look VERY nice~! i'm not sure that you can give the machine all of the credit but it is good to have one that gives excellent results.


  5. hey~! it's your 30's hexie quilt~!!~good for you~!


  6. I like what you have in mind for your red and white quilt.

  7. Deadlines sometimes help us get things done!
    Love what your daughter is doing to the furniture project! Ah, yes to be young again.
    And congrats to your son.

  8. Nice assortment of blocks from your swap. Your machine quilting looks very nice, years fly by don't they?
    How nice to have DD home - she will love NZ. Congratulations to your graduates ;-)
    Enjoy the new camera!

  9. Love your r&w blocks. I work better under a deadline although I don't like to feel rushed.

  10. Yep, I get some of those 'yellow' photos sometimes too!

    I'm glad to see your stitch regulator works. Mine has never worked. Every time I go to make a curve or circle it leaves HUGE long/skipped type stitches. I've made adjustments and every thing I know to do. I was so excited my machine came with it but I can't use it.....?????

    Now who doesn't love an 'in house' artist!!

  11. love your red and white blocks.
    How fun for your Daughter to be in Athens!
    Love the cabinet.