Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Churn Dash Blocks

This past Sunday was one of those rare days that passed by slowly. I need to figure out how to get more of those days. It does my soul good!

Here is my progress on the churn dash quilt for baby Audrey. I’m very happy with how it is coming along. Am I the only one who likes how a project is looking on the design wall, but not so much when looking at a photo of it? I think I remember hearing that taking a photograph of blocks or looking at them through a reducing lens was a good way to – what – now I can’t remember - something with value? Can anyone enlighten me on this? It never made much sense to me, but maybe I should reconsider.

Beware of this Jo Morton for Andover fabric. Look what it did to this white plastic tub when I presoaked it! I never used to worry about testing for colorfastness, but then I got a front load washing machine that uses much less water to do the job. I ruined a few light colored fabrics and the culprit was a black print. I had heard the warnings about red fabrics, but never black. Since then I presoak my reds and blacks. This is by far the worst bleeder. I had a red once that took over a dozen water changes, but this black fabric released a lot of dye very quickly. I’m noticing some pink stains on the tub, too, and I’m trying to think if this tub was used recently in a way that might make it accept the dye more readily. Can’t think of anything and that water was pretty black. Still like the fabric a lot.

I sent out reminders to over 200 quilters about their volunteering at the upcoming quilt show – June 3-5. I’ve only received a few back saying they can’t do it so I’m feeling pretty good about being ready for the show. I know it is going to be a lot of work and I’ll be in the Dulles Expo Center for most of 4 days, but I’m really looking forward to it - my big volunteer job will be over and I always get super inspired being surrounded by all those quilts and vendors. Did I tell you Eleanor Burns is giving a lecture on June 2nd and teaching classes at the show? As a new quilter I used one of her “Quilt in a Day” patterns (which took me months), but haven’t used any since. I hear she is a lively speaker and teacher.


  1. Good to know about that black fabric....that's why I wash everything before it gets in my sewing room. I just can't figure out the quilters who sew with never washed fabric....there must be an awful lot of horrible surprises once the quilts are washed! Ouch!

    Congrats on all your volunteers....that is the hardest job of a quilt show.....getting the volunteers! Well done!

    Hoping you take lots of pics of the quilts and post them....we love virtual quilt shows! :o)

  2. Yummy blocks! Although I've been glued on stitching lately, your blocks making me feel like going back to sewing NOW! LOL Interesting fact to hear about the color fastness, as I never wash mines before using them. I may have to really be careful with them as I enjoy using her lines a lot... Sigh...

    Your quilt show sounds like getting more fun! I know you are all ready for that with your cute apron ;)

  3. Persist with those churn dash blocks, they will make a bright and happy quilt.
    Sounds like you will have lots of volunteers to share the load so everyone will be able to enjoy themselves as well.
    Saw our blocks on Linda's blog. We will be in the same quilt!

  4. Quilt shows are a lot of effort - kudos to you for volunteering. You must have an active guild to be so responsive. It will make a great show!
    Never had a fading problem - maybe something in the tub?
    Little CD blocks are cute.
    I sometimes take a photo and carry it around to look at. But that little darlin will be all curled up with the quilt - it will be lovely, not need to over think somethimes?

  5. love your churn dash blocks! I've had black run in the past as well. I'm always surprised when modern fabrics are still running