Thursday, May 5, 2011

Farmers Market and Linen Closet Finds

I went to the farmers market today. This is one of my favorite things to do from May to October. We have several in the county during these months and there are 3 that are fairly close to me - 2 in Annandale and 1 in Burke.  My purchases today included organic salad mix and strawberries from Hanover, Virginia. The farmer said his strawberries were ready 3 weeks earlier than last year. I don't remember where the apples and onions came from. I know the apples were stored over the winter, but they have only a few blemishes and the samples were still crisp and juicy. The wildflower honey came from Providence Forge, Virginia.

Today I visited the market in Mason District Park in Annandale.

I tend to over purchase, but I did well today. I kept reminding myself I will visit the Burke market on Saturday morning.

I found the quilt in the first photo in my linen close several years ago. I asked my mom about it and all we could figure was that I got it from cleaning a rental house in the early 1980's. My dad was a real estate agent and managed rental houses as a second career and I would sometimes do some cleaning to earn extra cash.

Then, last winter I found another quilt in my linen closet! They must be breeding in there! I really don't know what the deal is. I can see forgetting about where I got one quilt, but two?

Here are some details of the individual fabrics in the second quilt. Even though it has some serious fading issues it is in better shape than the first quilt.

 Love the geometrics
 great red and yellow paisley
 center patch is some sort of scroll and crown - click on any photo for a better view
 not sure what happened here, some of these patches aren't square
 this blue fabric reminds me of skyscrapers, not sure if that was the intent

 same fabric - one faded, the other not so much

 love the checks, plaids and dots
 too bad Dumbo is on the faded end

If you are like me and tend to have a bad memory I recommend you clean out your linen closet!


  1. We are blessed to have several Farmer's Markets around here year-round. We love fresh eggs and milk!

    I think old quilts like these have such charm and the variety of fabrics is always fun!


  2. Great finds...but I don't think there are any old quilts in my linen closet, just lots of my unfinished quilts!

  3. These quilts have some great fabrics in them! Love all the quirkiness of different sized squares!

    How nice to have a farmer's market so close! Those strawberries look wonderful!

  4. What a fun post - the market looks like a place I could over indulge as well! Just last week we were chopping 3 quarts of berries.
    The quilts have a fun assortment of fabrics - thank you for sharing the detailed photos!

  5. some fresh ripe strawberries sound delicious.

    love that first photo with your farmer's market goodies and your newly discovered quilts~makes for an inviting outdoor still life~!~


  6. what nice farmers market and a great find in your closet. Great fabrics to study.

  7. Gee I wish I could find a couple of vintage quilts in my linen closet! I love it and the fabrics are great!!!
    I love farmers market but ours won't start for another month.