Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A is for Apron

This past week has flown by. My sister from California is back east for a visit (staying with my parents) and my daughter returned from school. She is still scheduled to go to Japan this summer and leaves in about 3 weeks. We have a lot we want to do before her trip.

I took a break from all the activity yesterday and stayed home. I finished entering over 200 email address of the quilt show volunteers. I have reminders to send out. And, I made this apron-

I wanted something to wear at the show that would hold my money, camera, cell phone and maybe some purchases. There won’t be a safe place for me to put a purse or bags.

Do you think I can limit myself to what can fit in these pockets? They are bigger than they appear and I’ll have 3 days to fill them!

I used a pattern in the book A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu.

I also finished A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley. This is the third book in a series about young sleuth Flavia de Luce - a light, but entertaining read.

My son’s jazz band concert was Monday night. He is a junior in high school and living near the nations capital offers some neat opportunities. Four members of the Army Blues band also played for us. One of them is the father of one of the school band members and he has worked with them throughout the year. This was their end of year concert and both bands were awesome! Living near the nations capital has some downsides, too – TRAFFIC. There is a 4 hour window during daylight hours when traffic on the beltway isn’t too bad -10AM-2PM. My mom and sister wanted to come to the evening concert so instead of possibly getting stuck in some horrible traffic jam and missing it they came early in the afternoon. We visited Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna and enjoyed some beautiful scenery and wildlife. Thanks to my daughter for taking the photographs.

 A red-winged blackbird posed for us.

Wish I knew what kind of birds these are. I can't see enough of them at this angle to identify them in my field guide to North American birds.
 Love the peonies in May...and the roses--


  1. Sounds like wonderful family times...enjoy. thank your daughter for the pictures of my favorite peonies!

  2. Beautiful photos of the garden Maureen, looks like you had splendid weather.
    You will look very stylish in your new apron. Good luck with the show.
    I will note down that book for future reading.

  3. What a loevly spring day!
    The apron is so pretty although I'm not sure how much fabric will fit in the pockets;)

  4. I'm not sure I could keep my purchases limitied to the pockets! Great idea though. Enjoy those busy children!
    Love the garden photos - I used to have 20+ varieties of peonies and I never tire of seeing them.
    I think the bird is a swallow?

  5. How fun wearing that pretty apron! It seems not only pretty, but also very practical to hold many of your toys!! I really miss the greens and flowers, especially this time of the year.

  6. a wonderful array of birds in this post~!!~ love those baby geese~!