Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Episodes of The Quilt Show

Just a quick post to remind you that Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims open up their show - The Quilt Show - from the first 9 series (episodes 100-913) from March 16-18 in honor of National Quilting Day. I'm not a member and have only watched a couple shows (I get antsy), but just like a quilt class there are nuggets within each episode.

I think I successfully turned off the comments for this post. I still haven't answered all from my last post! I just didn't want anyone to miss out on the free Quilt Show offer.

The Lancaster show was fabulous and I'll post photos soon.

Happy Quilting Day!

Update: My bad! I just finished the episode with Edyta Sitar and tried to view another but couldn't. It appears this is the only one available to non-members. Apparently, there are different levels of membership and there are other free episodes for basic members. I just turned the comments back on so anyone with better information can leave a comment. Sorry about that - hope you didn't spend too much time clicking around like I did! By the way, I enjoyed the Edyta Sitar episode. Her quilts are beautiful and I love that she encourages block exchanges among quilters.

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