Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the first time I’ve given this title to a post. I completed this top last year. It’s about a twin size. I had a big piece of the sashing fabric, but not enough for the entire back.  I also have a lot of 7 ½” strips cut of the background fabrics so I decided to piece the back. I got far enough to cut pieces of 10” squares from the sashing fabric. Okay, what did I think I was going to do with 7 ½” strips and 10” squares? I’ve thought a little about it and have no idea what I was thinking. However, I have decided to cut the 7 1/2” strips into 10” segments and go from there. Maybe this was my plan all along. I do remember putting this away last November with a sigh. I really wanted to work on it, but other projects were taking priority. Now I really want to finish this quilt so I don’t feel so guilty for starting this one.

I needed (yes, needed) something very portable for my bus trip to the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show tomorrow. These are old fabrics from the 90's (English Oak and Versailles - both by moda - forget what the brown and pink was called, don't have enough of those left to look at the selvages). I still love them.

I hope I have some photos of the quilt show to share this weekend.

It’s 83 degrees here in northern Virginia. We didn’t have a winter this year. Most people are happy about that – not me. Just sayin’.


  1. It's 77 here in Indiana today, and we missed winter, too. We didn't even have enough snow to shovel. Enjoy your trip to Lancaster. Hope to see photos when you get back.

  2. so you have two flower garden quilts going?
    the one on the top looks to be in 30's repros and i really like it's sweet freshness.
    i think i may have some of the fabrics from the English Oak line . . . i recognize the one on green with the split leaf in cream and red . . .

    hope your trip is a really fun one and i can hardly wait to see the photos.


  3. Can't wait to hear all about Lancaster! Woohoo! And we've had almost a whole week of 55-65 degrees, and now it's snowing again! Sheesh! (But at least it's not sticking!) Can't wait for spring!

  4. Have fun at the quilt show...looking forward to the photos!

  5. OOOoo, wish I was going with you to the quilt show!! Take lots of pics and post them!!!

    I don't know what you were thinking, but love the little hexies and the colors are wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing the finish!!

    We've had a warm winter her in Texas also, but PLT we have had rain too! So we are greening up very nicely!


  6. How funny! 'What Was I Thinking' is the name I have just given to a quilt I recenly completed!! I love the fabrics, love the layout/blocks, but they just do not marry up nicely, I did the honour of completing the darn thing and it is now proudly hanging in the WC (water closet aka toilet room!), only place for it LOL!!! I love the range of fabrics you are using for your blocks, some look very familiar and are in my stash! Your hexies are very cute, nice fabrics there too! I'm awful envious of your trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show LOL, what a dream trip, for me at least, sitting here at the other end of the world - hope you get time to take some photos, have a wonderful time!!!!

  7. LOL I can just see you standing there with that puzzled look on your face...Well, theoretically, since I have no idea what you look like, but I sure know the feeling!! Of course, whatever it was you were thinking at the time you cut those out is totally immaterial at this point so good on you for making it work anyway! Gorgeous fabrics!
    BTW Congrats on your new and improved sewing room and the red and white toile on the back of that little quilt...Ooooo, love!!!!
    Have fun on the bus ride and in Lancaster!

  8. It's frustrating when you have a plan for a project it's brillant! Then you forget what it was lol! Happens to me all the time, which is why I write notes and lists (much to my DH amusement). By the way, I have a piece of the brown and pink fabric and it's so old it has one of those barely readable selvages. It has written on it Cocheco Print Works July ? ? From the American Textile History Museum for P&B Textiles.

  9. It will work out eventually! : )
    Oh, I remember those two fabrics--I had some of each and still love them. May even still have some.
    Enjoy the quilt show, and yes--photos please!

  10. Oh,I felt like the little kid in class who knew the answer...raising my hand saying, I know, I know...recognized the pink and brown right away and actually have about 1/3 yard left...but someone has all ready given you the name! Love pink and brown...and those hexies of yours are wonderful. I also have some of the green print-Versailles. Another favorite.
    I miss those Virginia springs(grew up in Fairfax County). We were in the 70's today - very rare for the northwoods of Wisconsin.

    Have a great trip!

  11. I remember those fabrics. I think I had a little bit of each one a long time ago.

  12. glad to know I'm not the only one to forget what I was intending or rethink it later,lol
    Have fun at the show - say hello if you see me!
    I'll be wearing a red plaid skirt with birds on it.

  13. Have a wonderful time at the quilt show. Love your project on the hexies quilt...your fabrics are yummy!

    We have had a very unusal winter here in Iowa..very mild.

    Look forward to seeing your pictures of all the great quilts on your next post.

    :-) Carolyn

  14. Your fabric choices are just yummy no matter what year they are from! Have a ball in Lancaster, I'm jealous staying here in also winterless NH.

  15. I always like the fabrics that you choose. Looking forward to your photos.