Monday, March 19, 2012

Which Would You Use?

I’m selecting the “path” fabric for my new hexie project. I think I know which one I’m going with, but wonder what you think. The fabrics are Primitive Muslin for moda.

Pie Crust
Time Worn

Paper Bag


I ordered these half-yard cuts from the Fat Quarter Shop Friday morning. They arrived this afternoon. I couldn’t have expected them any sooner.

Here are two more Primitive Muslins along with the other four. I picked up these fat quarters at the Mid-Atlantic show. They are called Honey and Brown Sugar. They are darker than they look in this photo and I'm not considering them. The honey is too golden and the Brown Sugar too dark. I have to admit I’m swayed by these names. They also come in Walnut and Raven.

I want to select the “path” fabric early in the project. I tend to get bored working with one fabric and since I will need a lot of these hexies to make the path I want to work on them as I work on the flowers. That was where my grandmother’s flower garden in the 30’s repros went awry. I had done most of the flowers and then started the green path (zzzzzzzz....) and didn’t get far before I decided to applique the flowers to a background fabric.

libbyQ and I have been discussing our hexie projects. I’m so glad she told me about using the ladder stitch instead of a whipstitch. The ladder stitches are almost invisible. It's a new stitch to me so I'm hoping my stitches will become totally invisible with more practice. Thanks, libbyQ!

I just posted on The Jubilee Quilt Project blog.

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  1. I'm leaning toward Paper Bag.....and 2nd would be Treenware, but they are all lovely! I think I need to go shopping! lol

  2. I'm leaning towards the lighter colors so the flowers stand out. But I think neutrals are hard to see on pictures. Besides, who wouldn't love a quilt with 'Pie' in one of the fabric names! So fun.

    I checked out your feathered star on the Jubilee blog and it is a winner! A beautiful feathered star - you did a great job!

  3. I like Time Worn - like the name too!! Which ever you use - it will be lovely!!

  4. I would also choose one of the lighter two fabrics. The darker ones swallow up the flowers for me. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Good luck! My Grandmother's Flower Garden (which I started 15 years ago) still languishes in an unfinished state.

  5. you're right, most of the names are pretty tempting in and of themselves~!
    i think i like the paper bag choice but it might be a bit too dark . . .
    i think mixing up the sewing is a good idea. i've made quite a few flowers and am know making the path and the only thing saving me from total boredom is that i'm sewing the body of the quilt as i go along.

    thank you for the shout-out Maureen~!


  6. I think I'd vote for either Pie Crust, as it's the lightest and the hexies seem to show up the best on that, OR Treenware, the darkest, if your hexies will tend towards lighter colors. I love the other fabrics but I think they make the colors of the hexies kind of dull and washed out.

    I think it's a great idea to work on the background as you go along. That way it won't be so boring and tedious. But maybe that's just me. LOL

  7. Pie Crust !... although paper paper bag is looking ama

    Pie crust ! ... although paper bag looks amazing, too ;>)

  8. I love PIe Crust, great color for your hexies as they show up the best in mho and well the name is just great too :)
    they look great, how large are the hexies and what size will the quilt be?

  9. I like the Pie Crust too. Thanks for the tip about ladder stitch. Good luck with the Jubilee project.

  10. A hard choice. Pie Crust makes the hexies show up, but Treenware really gives them an antique look, especially if there are some brighter hexies in your pile. Either way, this will be a great quilt.

  11. I'd have to say, Pie Crust! It allows the hexies to shine, doesn't look too overpowering!!! I love these fabrics though, but they definitely require auditioning, even a slight colour difference can make or break a project!!!! Good luck with it - I'm sure you will choose just the right one - sometimes photos don't show how true the colour is!

  12. Hard choice Maureen but I like the warmth of the paper bag colour. Thanks to your post I spent a very enjoyable weekend watching episodes of the Quilt Show. I subscribed about 6 months ago but hadn't watched many eps they were very informative and fun. Hope you were able to watch some too.

  13. I like the treenware, don't know why, but I do. I like the way the light ones sparkle and the darker recede. Which ever one you choose, they will look great. THey are too cute!

  14. I like Paper Bag. And I love the hexies!

  15. I vote for treenware - it looks really good with your hexies. Love all the names of these fabrics. Can't wait to hear which one you choose!

  16. Ooooooo.....pie crust and paper bag, no maybe treenware!!! Actually I like all of them! HA! Too many good choices!