Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keep Sheep

This past weekend Dave and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was so much fun! Friday morning we took a basic shepherding class. I feared we'd be the oldest people there but that wasn't the case. I'd guess the class included people from 20-60 years of age. The class was very interesting. We learned a lot and are very excited about one day having a small flock.

 I'm starting to learn the different sheep breeds. I'm pretty sure this black faced ewe is a Suffolk.

We went back Saturday when the place opened up to the public. Admission was free. We watched the sheep dogs work, visited vendors and hung out with the sheep. The later being our favorite activity. We talked to some of the shepherds and they were very helpful with information about getting started and telling us about their sheep's breed.

 This is the wool on a Border Leicester.

I had to get a quilt in here! This was the Kiparoo Farm booth. They had a luxurious cotton yarn I was tempted to purchase.  I haven't knitted in years and now I'm itching to. I'd also love to learn to spin yarn. It looks so relaxing.

Here is a lonely sheep. She was in the pen by herself and just bleating away. Her penmate was probably being sheared.

It was really crowded. Apparently, this is the biggest sheep and wool festival in the country. Dave said you could put most of the people in to three different groups - women buying yarn and roving, hippies and farmers. I'd have to agree.

Our teacher recommended this book even though it is an old one. I bought some roving for pincushions.
 Monday evening a package arrived from libbyQ. Love the bee fabric!

This books was inside. The funny thing is I had just checked this book out of the library earlier that day! libbyQ was spot on with this gift. Thanks, girl! I learned even more from the chapter on sheep. This is going to be a great reference guide.

And thank you all for putting up with my farm ramblings. I''m very close to finishing two quilts and promise I won't post again until they are done.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wall of Little Quilts

I finally have a wall of little quilts. I was helping a friend paint an old vanity last week and was a bit humbled by how neat and tidy her house is. I came home and did some clean up in my sewing room. These were all piled on the futon so I got a hammer and some small applique pins and started putting them up from left to right. I had no plan - just picked up the flower applique first and went from there. I don't think I ever publicly thanked Beatrice for the quilt that is right of center with the black border. It was so sweet of her to send me a quilt and it is even hand quilted.

Yesterday, Dave came home from work with this vintage sewing machine. Some people in the neighborhood are moving and he saw them put this is a pile of trash on the curb. It's missing some important parts - a foot peddle and bobbin case to name a couple, but it is a pretty green color. He's given me a hard time about pulling things out of other people's trash so I was a little surprised that he did this. I think he enjoyed getting my mom's old machine working so I think he sees it as a challenge. I'll get a better photo if/when we ever get her running.

I also got motivated to start painting my china cabinet and a small book case. I got tired of looking at these dark pieces of furniture with my newly painted table and chairs. I'm not sure why I always have to plan things to death instead of just jumping in. Same goes with this 9-patch quilt. It's just getting some straight line quilting. Hope to have both these projects done by the end of next week.

I'm always surprised to see this little primrose blooming in our back yard. It is very close to the house which is how it escapes Duke's big paws.

We are having some beautiful spring weather here. We planted some flower and vegetable seeds over the weekend and then had two days of light rain. Keeping our fingers crossed that we see some little sprouts soon. Oh, and we had some freshly picked lettuce and spinach with our dinner the other night. So far, we are having some luck in the garden!

Happy stitching!