Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tumbling Blocks for Layla

So happy this one is finished. I mailed it off to baby Layla in California last week.

Before I started stitching the tumbling blocks I came across four basket blocks I'd made a couple years ago and got the itch to make more. I always get distracted like that!

I took this photo to help decide which way I want to use this fabric for the sashing. Horizontal or vertical waves. I still haven't decided. Do you have a preference?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh, Barbara, you tempt us so...

I need another project like I need a hole in my head. So...

I rationalized it by thinking I can add them to my growing collection of blocks for a random sampler quilt. I was also tempted by all of you out there who have been sharing your sawtooth stars. So inspirational. 

Making the stars was also a reward for finishing this tumbling blocks quilt top. You may recall I'm making this for my nephew's baby, Layla. The piecing was quite a challenge for me. I waited until the end to press the seams which I now think was a mistake. The seams are going every which way. If I ever do this pattern again, I will put some thought into the pressing and do it as I go. Thanks, Dawn, for the tip.

I will machine quilt it, probably a meander pattern. Above is the backing fabric and machine quilting thread. The nursery is navy, fuchsia and white with gold accents. I didn't know this when I started cutting diamonds and now I'm sure I have enough diamonds for a full size quilt...

This basket is going on the shelf and I expect it will be there a long time ; c )

I needed a leader/ender project while stitching the tumbling blocks together. I was starting and stopping with each little seam when sewing the rows together. So I pulled out this project.

Bonnie Hunter's Crabapple Pattern
I now have all the crabapple sections completed.

And I pulled these fabrics from my stash for the cornerstones, sashing, setting triangles, binding and most likely the backing, too.

We had a cold and snowy February and March has started the same way.

We have named our little farm Glenalmus and I started another blog to journal our life here. Yeah, I know. I often just post photos there with little text so it doesn't take too much time. Yeah, I know. 
; c )
Happy Stitching!