Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Late Merry Christmas

I had every intention of posting before Christmas but it just didn't happen. Our DS#1 moved down here the week before. Also that week, I picked our DS#2 from Virginia Tech and all of us headed to Maryland to spend a couple days with my mom which included cookie baking day with more extended family. Our DD is packing up her stuff in the apartment over the garage where DS#1 will move in after DD leaves for France on New Years Eve. She will meet up with her kind of boyfriend and he will show her around Europe. I'm sorry to see her go. She has been a big help to us. The last time she flew out of the country she was gone for over a year. At least this time she has a return ticket and will be back in March and has plans to live in Afton which is only about 25 minutes from us.

Christmas was a quiet affair here. I enjoyed making a big turkey dinner and we all ate way too much.

The last four days I've found hand quilting time late in the morning when even on cloudy days the light is very good in my sunroom. I hope I can keep this up. I'm not one to sit and quilt for hours so I really need to make it a habit to get anything done. I love seeing the progress I make - even doing just four long threads each day.

I also made two scarves from this site which I found on Pinterest. I made the infinity scarf for DD and DS#2 is modeling the scarf I made for DD's boyfriend. I really don't do a lot of gift giving but saw this pattern and wanted to make it for someone. I thought they'd look cute together bumming around Europe in these scarves.

For a very limited time The Quilt Show has an interview with Jinny Beyer. It includes a tour of her home and shop and a review of Jinny's color confidence.

This has been an exciting year for us. Lots of changes which included good times and bad. Fortunately, the good times far outweighed the bad. I couldn't sleep the other night thinking about all the projects I have in mind for 2015. I found out another grandniece is expected so I have two baby quilts to make. Those quilts and planning our vegetable garden are what I hope will keep me busy in January. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I always appreciate your comments. I'm wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

In the Hoop and on the Design Wall

I have to admit this photo is from a couple of weeks ago and very little has been done since.

More recently I've been cutting fabrics for a tumbling blocks quilt for my grand niece, Layla, who was born in May. I think I've added a few Dear Jane blocks since the last time I posted blocks. I'm really enjoying making these - at least so far. I was encouraged by one of the gals in the DJ group to just figure out the blocks myself without the software. So far it is working.

When I took my son back to Blacksburg after his Thanksgiving break I went to the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center to check out their quilt exhibit. It was rather small but worth it as I was in the area and the exhibit was very good with good descriptions of the quilts.

Here is a shot of our Christmas tree in the foyer looking into the living room.

I keep meaning to include this in a post. I'm trying to live by these words and I feel much happier for it.