Friday, October 18, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I read this article on how to buy lightbulbs in The Washington Post. It made me realize that the problem with photographing things on my design wall wasn't just a problem with my little point and shoot camera but also the lighting. My sewing room is in the basement so my only source of light is artificial.

I learned from the article that the lower the kelvin number (2700-3000) the more yellow the light. The higher the kelvin number (5500-6500) the bluer the light. White light is 3500-4100. Typically, modern decor looks better with whiter light and traditional decor looks better with yellow light.

Last night Dave was going to Home Depot so I asked him to pick me up some light bulbs on the white/blue spectrum.

Here is a before photo of the Sisters Choice blocks I've been working on.

CFL 750 lumens 2700 kelvin

And here is the after photo (with a few additional blocks).

CFL 800 lumens 5000 kelvin

Quite a difference! I'm going to pay more attention to lighting in the rest of my house now.

These blocks are for a quilt for baby Halle, my great niece. What do I need more or less of? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I just started making blocks without much of a plan. I really should take the time to pull fabrics first.