Friday, October 4, 2019

Quilt for baby Lilliana

This quilt will soon be on it's way to Minnesota to sweet little Lilliana Katherine. Lilly (her Grandpa calls her Lilly Kate) is my niece's baby.

I figure I've made 18 baby quilts for the babies of my nieces and nephews over the past dozen years.
It is fun to make this size quilt. This one is 55" x 45".
I need to get my sewing machine serviced (just a good cleaning) and then I will decide what to do next.  It was around 90 degrees here in Virginia for the first three days of October which is crazy. Today is a beautiful 80 degrees and it looks like some nice quilting weather is coming our way. I have a couple of small quilts to finish hand quilting and some other projects that I could pull out and start playing with so we'll see what inspires me.💜💛💚💙


  1. That is a bright and happy quilt for your niece's little one. Very cute! My Mom's name is Lillian and she is surprised that her name, and variations of it, has come back into fashion. I love Lilliana--so pretty.
    Good for you, making all those baby quilts! I admire those of you who make quilts for nieces' and nephews' graduations, weddings, and/or babies. I did not to go down that road because I have so many nieces and nephews, and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up. I didn't want to give to some and not others, so I gave to none. Maybe that was the coward's way out.
    You have had a very warm fall! Maybe I should say that you haven't yet had fall.

  2. That quilt is terrific! Love her name on the back!!

  3. So so cute and I love the back with her name! so clever!