Sunday, August 29, 2021

My 2021 Update

It looks like my posting here has become an annual event. Here is what I've done over the past year.

Just delivered this quilt to my youngest son. It is queen size and made of fabrics I had gathered up and put in a basket a long, long time ago because I like how they looked together. Another pattern was in my mind, but when I did some cleaning out in the quilt room last year new plans were made and a quilt was started. I used plastic templates I'm sure I bought over 20 years ago. That felt good! The curved piecing wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. It helped to use a lot of pins. The quilt is completely machine stitched. Cindy King of King Quilting quilted it for me and also attached the binding by machine. I've always attached the binding to the front of the quilt by machine and then hand stitched it to the back. However, since Cindy offers this service I decided to let her do it and I'm so glad I did. So worth it when you have arthritis in your dominant hand. Maybe one of these days I'll try attaching a binding completely by machine. I can't figure how they get it lined up so well. Maybe youtube can teach me!

I've made 10 placemats using some scraps. I have enough fabric to make a couple more, but have set them aside to start this quilt:

My idea was to make a couple of lap size quilts (I like them to be about 70" x 50") to offer for sale at a local venue called Art for Gifts which is open from Thanksgiving to New Years. They offer a well juried mix of items for sale. However, I missed the deadline to enter. I just don't quilt as fast as I used to. My sights are on next year.

I won't wax poetic about the past year (not sure I'm even capable). Just want to say I hope you are staying safe and keeping strong. 💕


  1. A beautiful quilt, Maureen! The fabrics do mingle well together and the whole thing just sings.
    I agree with you that the templates and lots of pinning make the curved seems easier than I thought they would be.
    I also find it difficult to make machine binding line up well, and finish looking nice. If you learn some neat tricks, please share them.
    Pretty little placemats.
    Loving the blue/brown combo in the current projects. Sorry you missed the deadline for the sale venue.
    Do we do anything as fast as we used to?
    I'm sure someone (or several someones) will find a way to make 2020 poetic, but I guess it won't be you or me. ;)
    Good to get an update on your doings.

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