Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hexies…and my sewing room

This has been a hand project for a long, long time – maybe 15 years. The 1930’s fabrics were the first I started “collecting”. I have a lot! This project started out as a Grandmother’s Flower Garden, but the thought of stitching so many solid green hexies had me rethink it. Several years ago I decided to just hand appliqué them onto more 1930’s fabrics and sash with, yes, 1930’s fabrics. Well, the Judie Rothermel 1930’s Authentic black and white with a little purple that I bought in December got me thinking about this again. Two of my fabric drawers are full of these repros, but none of it is black.

So…I’m thinking of sashing these babies with the JR black, white and purple.

I thought of switching gears and appliquéing the flowers onto solid fabrics, but that would mean unsewing 7 blocks and when I auditioned it I didn’t like it as well. I’m also thinking instead of hand appliquéing I might try a blanket stitch with black thread on the sewing machine.

This week I machine quilted straight diagonal lines on the 16-patches for my grandnieces. Almost done with one and have the other one to go.

I also did some hand quilting on this.

Later today I hope to do step 4 on Lori’s Midnight Stars quiltalong.

What a mess!

And I’ve been cleaning up my sewing room. I took these photos about 2 weeks ago when everyone in blogland was talking about cleaning out and straightening up. It took me this long to get up the nerve to share (Mom, I’m glad you are sitting down!). It looks better now, but I still have a lot to do. My goal is to get it cleaned up enough so we can paint the room next month. I’m thinking of a warm peach color (the Benjamin Moore paint chip I liked best is called “pale oats” – not one of their best names).

It’s a cold afternoon, a pot of chili is on the stove and I’ve nowhere to go. Quilting time!


  1. I don't know that your room qualifies as a mess. My initial thoughts were "den of creativity", "a living, working space" or just "lived In". Love your quilting. Those hexagons are very contagious, I see them everywhere.

  2. Maureen....I'm loving the hexies on 30's background, with sashings in the black prints.....brilliant! Will you do cornerstones?

    I've always loved the 30's prints....and collected a bunch of them way back when! I still have quite a lot left, even after all the baby quilts and a queen sized drunkard's path! I can never get enough of those sweet little prints!

  3. I guess almost everyone has a "hexie" project. I don't even like to talk about mine! I really like the hexies on the floral sweet! Love the handquilting's so cheerful and happy and your handquilting looks great!


  4. I just love all your little hexies. They're so very cheerful.

  5. A messy sewing room generally means you've been creating!!
    I'm sure whatever you decide on the hexagons will be lovely. 30's and hexagons go hand in hand.

  6. I love your fan quilting!
    My room looks very similar - work in progress!