Thursday, December 11, 2014

In the Hoop and on the Design Wall

I have to admit this photo is from a couple of weeks ago and very little has been done since.

More recently I've been cutting fabrics for a tumbling blocks quilt for my grand niece, Layla, who was born in May. I think I've added a few Dear Jane blocks since the last time I posted blocks. I'm really enjoying making these - at least so far. I was encouraged by one of the gals in the DJ group to just figure out the blocks myself without the software. So far it is working.

When I took my son back to Blacksburg after his Thanksgiving break I went to the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center to check out their quilt exhibit. It was rather small but worth it as I was in the area and the exhibit was very good with good descriptions of the quilts.

Here is a shot of our Christmas tree in the foyer looking into the living room.

I keep meaning to include this in a post. I'm trying to live by these words and I feel much happier for it.


  1. Your lovely new home glows with the Christmas spirit! I enjoyed reading the philosophy essay and looking in at what you've been working on. The quilt in the hoop is so pretty and what an inviting spot to be in to work on it.

  2. Life gets in the way of our quilting! It's a beautiful picture of your hoop and current project :0) I always love to see antique/vintage quilts - the pine burr with the alternate red squares looks wonderful!

  3. Is that an armrest cover on your sewing machine? Very clever--I love it! : )
    Great looking display of vintage quilts.
    Gorgeous, twinkly Christmas tree!
    Thanks for the link. Those are wonderful words of advice.

  4. I like the tumbling blocks. One of my favorite patterns.

  5. Your tree is so wonderful!! I love it in the foyer. Thanks for sharing the antique quilts.
    looks like you have a cozy spot for quilting!
    loved your link and added the blog to my reader - what great wisdom. thanks, I needed that.

  6. Love your Christmas tree and the photo of your hand quilting on the armchair. The tumbling blocks are a beautiful start!

  7. Christmas is very distracting and not much sewing happening here. Your Christmas tree looks just perfect. Merry Christmas to you all.

  8. Wonderful words to remember.
    Your tree and foyer are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your projects a nice variety to rotate through.
    So nice you stopped at a quilt exhibit. Looks like a nice variety!

  9. I found your blog on Humble Quilts and have just had a nice look around at your posts - quilts, charming house in the country. Will look forward to following your blog!