Friday, September 28, 2018

Summer Finishes

I was on a roll in the sewing room this summer.

I find I really enjoy working with solid color fabrics.

This quilt is for my niece's baby.

Such a cute fabric. I love the water color look of the woodland scene.

This is a low volume quilt using mostly precut (by me) 2 1/2" strips and Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip pattern. This was pieced earlier this year so all I needed to do was quilt and bind it.

I made a second table runner with the charm pack I received as a gift. I had exactly the right number of fabric squares for the two table runners. I love when that happens.

I got this t-shirt quilt back from the long arm quilter just in time to get it bound and washed before a trip up to Maryland to deliver it. Below are some closeups.  It's made with Harley Davidson t-shirts for my sister-in-laws sister. Her husband passed away last year. We bartered - I made the quilt for her and she gave some workshop tools to my husband.

Here are her words of thanks-
Wow! So beautiful you did a fantastic job! I love it and can’t help but cry happy/sad tears! I really love the material we picked out too. Thank you so so much!

I forgot to take a photo of the quilt at home so I did it at my mom's. The best place was on a bed so I took it on the guest room bed that has a quilt I made for my parents quite a while ago. I still love it! I think the long arm quilter really did a great job quilting it. I'm always amazed how a quilt top improves when it becomes a quilt.

Just thought I'd share this first bloom from my asters. I took this a month ago. Many more have bloomed since but the unrelenting rain we've had has been hard on them.

The sun is out this morning and no rain is in the forecast for the next few days. We really need more like a month to dry out but we'll take what we can get.

I was recently reminded about Quilts for Compassion. They are based out of Ohio and collect quilts and knitted and crochets blankets for people who have lost everything in natural disasters. Look for them on Facebook. They are currently collecting quilts for the Carolinas. I sent them a full size pink and brown snowball 9-patch I made several years ago. You can see photos of it here.  


  1. Hello Maureen! Oh my you have been busy!! All of your projects are superb!! I too, love the woodland fabric! What a sweetie you are to do the T-shirt quilt! It is fabulous!

    We also have had lots of rain! But we are so thankful! But a little sunshine is welcome!

    Hope you day is blessed!

  2. Congratulations on such a success summer of sewing! Wow Liam's quilt is wonderful.
    cute TATW. I love a low volume quilt.
    Your T-shirt quilt is really striking.
    pretty aster! you have a lovely home!

  3. I love everything in every picture! Bonnie's scrappy trip pattern is on my long list of to-do's. My daughter has hinted several times that it's her favorite quilt design. The T-shirt quilt is one of the best I've seen... I love the Harley theme. Hope the sun shines profusely in your neck of the woods so you can post more pictures of your pretty asters!

  4. Liam's quilt is so vivid! Wonderful! And such a cute backing.
    In contrast, your low volume Scrappy Trips is soft and subtle.
    The T-shirt quilt really turned out nicely.
    I love the shot of your dog soaking up the sun.
    We have had a hot dry summer with lots of fires, and no measurable rain in Sept. Next week is supposed to be wetter than usual. From one extreme to the other.
    Good to catch up with you, Maureen. You've had a productive summer.

  5. What wonderful quilts!! Nice job on the tshirt quilt. Did you back them with anything?

  6. Lovely quilts, what a production! The woodland fabric is so cute ...
    Happy Fall!

  7. You were definitely on a roll...that is a huge amount of accomplishments there! Such sweet backing with the woodland critters...the photo of your pup snoozing in the sunshine makes me smile. Our fur girls do the same thing - always looking for a warm square of light.

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  9. You had a great run on summer sewing. Love seeing Quilts all around your house.
    The gift quilts are really special, lucky family!

  10. I absolutely love the low volume scrappy trip around the world. I like all your quilts, but that one speaks to me.