Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cindy Grisdela

Lemon Fizz
It’s a nasty day here. We are expecting a lot of snow later this afternoon and evening. I’ve spent the day stitching, cleaning and I had a nice chat with a friend.  Since I’m just hand quilting and attaching a binding, I will show you a couple of quilts from a local art quilter, Cindy Grisdela. Yesterday, she spoke about her quilting journey and showed her inspiring quilts at the McLean chapter of Quilters Unlimited program meeting. Can you believe when she first started quilting she only made blue and purple quilts! 

These are photos of quilts I took at QU shows in the past. I’m sure the yellow quilt is hers because she showed it to us yesterday. I’m pretty sure the other one is hers. These quilts were made a few years ago. Check out her webpage and blog for a look at her current work. Just click on her name above.

Cindy commented that the quilt below is not hers. Sorry about the error.

These photos aren't great, but aren't they happy quilts! I especially love the block pattern of the above quilt.  I think it is called "rolling stone".


  1. wow what great, colorful quilts! You are right, it is rolling stone and I love the bright fabrics she use.

  2. These quilts are fabulous.....I don't do much with brights, but they will work very nicely with plaids and stripes! Thanks for the inspiration, and I'll be checking out her blog, as well!

  3. Those quilt patterns are familiar but the colours are very different aren't they? They are very bright and happy, and I would never have the confidence to embark on such a project. i enjoy hearing artist's talk about their journey in their craft, where they began and where they are now.

  4. Beautiful, bright scrappy quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maureen,

    Thanks for your kind words about my work and my talk to McLean QU this week. I'm glad we got to meet before the snow hit! I can take credit for the yellow quilt--it's called "Lemon Fizz"--but not the other one. It's beautiful, but it's someone else's work.