Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Applique Quilts

I’ve shared my sewing room for over a week – first, my son was sleeping on the futon (I had my design wall on its side blocking his puppy from getting to my side of the room) and then the boxes of Christmas decorations took over for a couple of days. My son has left and all the boxes are put away. I vacuumed and tidied up a bit and am ready to get busy.

Nothing new to show at this time, but here are a couple of little quilts adorning my dining room.

Sara Masden designed the appliqué blocks in the quilt hanging above the china cabinet. She was the speaker at the first guild meeting I attended (mid-1990’s). People were purchasing a kit to work on that evening under her tutelage. I wasn’t going to do it, but the gals I sat with were so nice. They talked me into it and helped me along. I ended up buying the other kits via post. I hand quilted this one. A better look-

I did the table runner on the buffet at a Pat Sloan workshop. She’s a lot of fun. Her husband helps her with her program and they are very entertaining. So you can actually see the quilt-

I need to find time this week to go thoroughly through notes from previous volunteer coordinators for the Quilters Unlimited quilt show. Ay yi yi, what was I thinking when I volunteered for this job – coordinating over 300 volunteers for a quilt show? It is fun being on the committee and seeing how it all comes together. I love our show. Unlike many big shows, it isn’t judged; you just have to be a member to submit a quilt.

Happy Stitching!

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